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Vision Works is a leading provider of an enterprise class electronic health record (EHR) software for medium to large sized healthcare organizations. With over four decades of experience in information technology and healthcare software development, we’re passionate about helping people help others.

Our EHR software is a complete case-management and service-delivery solution that streamlines documentation, provides comprehensive reporting and automates service documentation into billing records while tracking payments and balances.

Unlike many off the shelf software packages, our EHR software is customized to your specific needs, including integration with your agency’s business requirements and practices.


Vision Works software comes packed with benefits that allow you to:

  • Integrate your entire agency
  • Increase productivity by automating clinical and billing processes
  • Gather critical data through easy access to real-time data and reports
  • Eliminate redundant data-entry
  • Streamline documentation
  • Provide remote access to your staff
  • Experience world class training, project management and customer support
  • Utilize diagnostic tools that allow effective software troubleshooting/resolutions
  • Customize your software as your agency grows and needs change

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Support & You

With over four decades of experience in information technology and the human service industry, Vision Works offers software with flexibility and understanding that is critical for a constantly changing environment.

Customers who have chosen Vision Works as their long-term partner are backed by a support network of well-equipped, friendly, and professional human service experts.

Our Vision Works support team is available Monday-Friday (from 8am-5pm) to hear, address, and solve your questions or concerns about the software. Our software support is available via email, phone, fax, trainings, and online Zoom sessions.

We take pride in our approach to positive customer feedback and we know you will too.


Vision Works software supports an array of services for multi-location agencies.
These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Services
  • Behavioral Health (BHIS)
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Adult & Child Residential
  • Outpatient Services
  • Vocational/Support
  • Community Based
  • HCB/Disability, IBHRS, Integrated Home Health (IHH)

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Custom Solutions

At Vision Works, we understand that your agency is unique with its needs and requires a partnership committed to supporting your growth. Our excellent client-retention reflects success in this commitment.

Vision Works software is built around meeting your agency needs right from the first day of production. With case-management and billing tools in a single system, there is no need for any third party software.

Vision Works is also designed for continued agency growth. As new needs arise or fade away during your partnership with Vision Works, we will stand by you every step of the way.

Vision Works supports a system of quotable customizations or enhancements to your existing software to match your business and service delivery practices. Vision Works will utilize over four decades of experience in software design & philosophy to adjust the system to effectively meet your needs.


Here are some of the beneficial features Vision Works software encompasses:

  • Support for organization & corresponding state regulation-changes
  • Improved Revenue Collection
  • Fully supported HIPPA compliance
  • Reduced paper-trail and time spent on billing
  • Single-point data entry
  • Comprehensive security Features
  • Document management with custom templates and data auto-fill capabilities
  • Expansive user navigation via smart screen technology
  • Automated Treatment Planning & Progress notes
  • Automated Funding management
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Intelligent features and modules for agency needs & best practices
  • Integrated ePrescribe functionality
  • State reporting requirements integrated into the system for easy export of data to state reporting systems such as Iowa ISMART, Illinois DMH & DASA, etc.
  • Reminder Call capabilities for client appointment reminders.
  • Methadone dispensing and management module

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Vision Works, Inc. is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals with over four decades of combined experience in information technology and the human service industry.

At Vision Works, we're passionate about the health and human service industries. We know from years of experience how easy it is for case management and billing paperwork to complicate an agency's work. Vision Works makes software that automates and streamlines the tedious tasks related to billing and case management in a health and human services office.

We also know that off-the-shelf software doesn't always include the functionality your agency needs; layered with screens you don't use. That's why we're committed to listening to each agency's unique practices and needs. Your software should work on your terms, not the other way around.

As your long term partner, we strive to exceed your expectations.


At Vision Works, we understand your need for a solution that upholds the best industry standards and security practices.

As a certified system, Vision Works provides the following public documentation:

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